During the last few three days, me and my class have been on trip to Gothenburg (or Göteborg, as it is called in Swedish). I have to say, I had not expected much of this trip, even after months of planning and selling cookies to afford it, but it was amazing. It was a three hour train trip there and and back, and our activities included a tour of the city by boat, eating at various different restaurants, wandering around town, bowling, and a whole day at the a theme park called Liseberg. It was great! 😀

The second day was the best, in my opinion. That was the day that we went to Liseberg, and I didn’t quite know what to expect since I’ve only been on about two roller coasters in my life and that was many years ago. I didn’t know whether I would enjoy the rides or not, but when we got to the huge theme park, I was determined to try everything.

My first experience of terrifying rides was a ride called Spinrock, which is like a giant purple swing. My friend Elise and I stood in a queue for about forty minutes and in that time I worked myself up into quite a panic. It wasn’t as bad as I had thought, though. In fact, it was really fun. Probably the funnest ride in the whole of Liseberg! ;D

Other rides I went on was Balder: a wooden roller coaster with a seventy-degree drop, Kanonen (the canon): an incredibly fast roller coaster with a loop and a twist, and Atmosfear: a 146 meters high tower in which you are slowly brought to the top and then you fall. (Apparently its the highest free-fall tower in Europe. You could see the whole of Gothenburg from up there. It was terrifying, but AWESOME!) Another ride we did was called Kållerado, in which everyone sits in a round boat while bumping down rapids. We all got drenched, but it was so much fun and we laughed at each other all the way through!

Anyway, these three days have been wonderful. I hope I can go back to Gothenburg some time in the future! 🙂


Sun like Summer

Okay, okay, lately I’ve been slightly obsessive about the weather, but quite seriously, it is so warm right now it’s unbelievable. The sun is shining, the sky is blue, and it feels like summer. After the long, cold winter spring has finally come.

The days are really long now too! A few days ago my friends and I played badminton until like 9.30 pm and it wasn’t even dark. It was so much fun! 😀 I hope the weather continues to be like this until summer… which is in only a month away!


Hey everyone,

So I just happened to notice (as did everyone else, probably) that it’s supposed to be spring but there’s still heaps of snow outside. Like what? It’s Easter holidays already and -7 degrees outside! What happened to global warming?

Anyway, lets look at the positive. At least it has been sunny for the last couple of days, so the weather is perfect for skiing. And snow does look nice in the sun.



Suki seems to be enjoying the weather anyway…

Still, I hope it gets warmer soon. Come on, sun, just get a bit warmer and melt the snow…

Painting ^_^

Yesterday I did some painting! Sometimes I get obsessive and paint for like three hours without stopping, which I did yesterday. This is the result:


Yeah, it’s not perfect but it was fun to paint. ^_^

Well, that’s all I have to say, so bye for now!

Happy New Year

And welome to 2013. At twelve o’clock I went out to see some fireworks. It was awesome!



The World is White

It has been a long, cold autumn. I was beginning to wonder if we would actually have some snow this year, but we were lucky. About a week ago it started snowing, and it has hardly stopped since. Though it has only been light snow, we now have quite a lot. The world is white, and it is amazing. Today was sunny, so I finally took some photos.


Snow and sun


Lamp post


Snowy trees in the sunset.


Tobogganing down the hill.

I love snow!

Swedish Autumn

I have now been back in Sweden for approximately three months, and in these three months the weather especially has changed dramatically. It’s funny how, in Australia, you can go from summer to autumn without feeling a drastic change in the temperature, while in Sweden it’s like something happens at the start of autumn and suddenly it goes from warm to freezing. Of course it doesn’t happen in one night, but it goes very quickly. Then again, maybe it’s just me.

Though it has been very cold and not very interesting weather, there have been a few nice days. As I didn’t have anything to do one sunny day I decided to go out and take some picures. And I have to say that autumn really is beautiful in the sun.


Autumn leaves


Swedish Forest

Here I am rambling on about nature. Most likely most people will think this post very boring, but for some reason I find the outdoor Sweden interesting.

God created an awesome world!